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With our social media analysis tool it's easy to understand how each share is driving your business. Outperform the industry by having the best insights in the best time. Companies today need the best information they can possibly have in order to make the best decisions effectively. Surpass your goals with intelligence from your social interactions.

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Our monitoring software is your best tool to improve the returns of your social strategy. Optimize your spending and increase ROI. Understand what's going on around your site's brand and analyze if the content you're providing is being shared on social networks. Check which of them are contributing the most towards your vision and goals.

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GetSocial is a social hub

GetSocial is built around the social networking principles. Everything we do serves your goals as a marketer. From examining your social sharing whether it be through our buttons or in "Dark Social" (copy and paste), we track it. Our goal is to develop a series of tools than can help you and your digital marketing department grow faster and contribute more to your success. We've created software that is a hub for social apps that can help you across your entire conversion funnel. From social sharing to engaging with customers, you'll have easy-to-setup plugins that help you increase traffic and sales. Get started now for free. On the product you'll find several features to help you do just that. You can even track what's called Dark Social sharing which are the shares made through alternative methods. These include copying and pasting the address bar link into someone's chat. It also means that it will track every link pasted into social networks which are shares made without using buttons. We've seen websites that have more than 70% of shares being made this way so it is paramount to do correct share tracking.