Social Media Bar

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Social Media Share Bar

Choose between the classic share buttons or the floating social bar to improve social engagement in your website. Strive by having your website being shared on top social networks. Also, be able to understand which social networks get the highest amount of shares in your website.

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Free Social Toolbar

At no cost, allow your visitors to easily share your content in their favorite social networks with your social media toolbar. Get the most out the power of social networks for free. Test and iterate where your social toolbar works best on your site. With the correct analytics you can improve engagement a lot by providing the right button at the right time.

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Easy to configure

Your social media buttons look and feel is your call. It's up to you to decide whether you want it rounded or straight. You can choose your style, your colors and size. We try to make it as flexible as it can be so you can have it at your own will.

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GetSocial is the perfect social media bar

GetSocial is a beautifully design social media share bar focused on getting you more shares. By having your visitors more socially engaged, you'll get more qualified traffic that converts better in your website. Traffic is paramount to a website's activity and success. At GetSocial thousands of websites use different types of buttons, with different colors, sizes and shapes. We've seen also differences in the amounts of buttons each site uses. Almost half of them use only 4 buttons, with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ being the preferred sharing buttons. However, when looking at which social networks generate more traffic to one's website, Facebook is king. We've seen an improved usage as well of mobile sharing buttons with hundreds of websites being pioneers in offering awesome sharing experiences to their mobile users.