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Trackable Social Share Buttons

Our social buttons are trackable which means you'll know the impact of each social media button. You can understand which users, items and social networks (like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest) are outperforming one another. Our buttons are easy to place within your site and can be done with absolutely no coding at all!

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Easily add social media buttons

With plugins for major platforms, our social media share buttons are easy to install, with no code required. Create facebook, twitter and pinterest share buttons in seconds. These come in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, with or without counters, you name it! Have a request? Let us know!

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Good looking share buttons

We invest a lot of time in creating the most beautiful social share icons we can. That's why every set of buttons is customizable for your needs, whether you need them floating on left or right side of your website. You can also display horizontal share buttons in different formats and colors, just like you need.

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GetSocial is your next Social Buttons

GetSocial is a social media software that makes it easy for you to have awesome social buttons in your website. Our buttons come in the classic, horizontal, and floating sharing bars. They can even be customized to fit your particular needs and look great on the mobile web! Plus, you can even expand the social tracking you to do mobile sharing and even dark social sharing. More than half of the shares tracked in 2014 were from alternative methods of sharing such as Copy&Paste and chat and GetSocial helps you track all of them. Don't miss the amazing opportunity of being one of the first social media experts to understand the full power of the social users in your website.