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Social tracking tools

Monitoring social media has never been easier with the best social media monitoring tools from GetSocial. We offer social sharing buttons and the monitoring tools that allow you to see who is sharing, what's being shared, and on what social network your content is being shared the most. Be able to adapt your social media strategy to your needs quickly.

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How to monitor social media

Our social analytics software allows you to understand which social networks are driving your business, showing you the ROI of your social media marketing campaigns. You can then narrow this down to article and users to see who are your site's true influencers. Maximize your social media efforts right away.

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Be on top of the data that matters

Organize your social media teams and monitor the social data that is important to your business. Know which kind of content actually drives more traffic and conversions to your website. Surpass your competition with valuable social datada.

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GetSocial is the way to monitor social media

GetSocial is a must in your social media tools stack. As a social media enthusiast, you must be aware of what social means to your company. By tracking the impact and influence of social you can organize your social media investment and maximize ROI. Want to know who your sites influencers are? The ones who actually move your needle? Got it! Want to know which of your content is shared the most so that you can replicate your magical formula? Got that too! Want to know where you should invest in terms of social media? Then you should definitely create a free share tracking account on GetSocial.