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Track Shares on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and More

GetSocial is a free analytics software that helps you to track shares. Get powerful insights and data about your users' behavior and how those users are interacting socially with your site. We make it easier for you to increase your revenue and traffic by providing your with relevant analytics and content.

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Social Media Tracking Tools

From the early awareness stage to the final conversion, learn how to track social media analytics. It's paramount to have a bigger picture of your social media funnel, every step of the way. Analyzing social is a great way to execute, analyze and improve your social media strategy.

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Free Social Footprint Analysis

This kind of analytics doesn't have to be costly. With GetSocial you get social data services for free. And our quality support, it's really simple to get things running smoothly. Our product provides a set of apps that should cover all your social media monitoring needs, from the awareness stage to the conversion stage.

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GetSocial is perfect for social tracking

GetSocial is a software built to help you excel in your social tracking activities. We help you understand how social sharing is driving your traffic and conversions. Being more informed with social tracking will help you optimize your social media spending. Also, there are different features that can improve your social media strategy. The first one is our custom sharing buttons which are personalized to your readers' thoughts. In the real world you don't like stuff, you actually have an opinion on them. These buttons allow your readers to share their real thoughts on a subject, such as Agree, Dislike or support. Also we search for dark social sharing, which are shares made via alternative methods such as forums, copy & paste the URL of a website or chat rooms.