Track Social Media Shares in Google Analytics Easily!

Send Share Data into your GA account.

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One dashboard to rule them all

Managing several tools and dashboards will drive the most expert professionals mad. We love our analytics but we know you love yours. Track social sharing using GetSocial but push that data into your Google Analytics account.

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Track Social Sharing in Google Analytics

In the analytics game it's all about having the right data at the right time. Integrate GetSocial with your Google Analytics account and use your current intel and filters to know more about sharing in your website.

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Track mobile shares on your website

With people spending most of their internet time on their smartphones, one cannot miss social interactions coming from mobile & table environments. Track mobile shares and integrate with Google Analytics

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Track Dark Social in Google Analytics

Shed light into dark social and integrate new and proper data about social sharing in your website with your Google Analytics account. Don't miss any of the shares made on your website, whether they're done with WhatsApp, Chat or SMS.

Track shares in GA

There's plenty of documentation and tutorials on how to install GetSocial. Most of our apps are code free and installed in seconds.

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