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How to install social sharing buttons on Joomla

The following tutorial will help you install GetSocial on Joomla. If you were looking for some nice fancy social sharing buttons for Joomla then good news, we've got you covered. And it won't take more than 2 minutes.

Create a GetSocial Account

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The first step to take is to create an account on GetSocial. Submit your webiste and email and you'll be ready to go. You can have multiple websites under the same account, for ease of management.

Visit Joomla's Extensions Manager

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On the top tabs, click on "Upload Package File"

Download EasyScript & Upload to Joomla

Click here to download EasyScript. Afterwords, on Joomla's Extension Manager, upload EasyScrit and click "Upload & Install"

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Note: We think the easiest way to do this is to use a plugin to put code into your page easily we recommend EasyScript but if you’ve already got something else that will work fine also.

Enable EasyScript

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On the Extension Manager, click "Manage" on the left menu, then locate/search for easyscript and click on the red cross sign to enable extension.

Copy GetSocial's library code

Go to your GetSocial account, you'll notice an alert on the top of the page, with a script code. Copy that code.

01 copy code bdadf43c3aa597c1b1f98ba8dd2443c56e9fe98503b0308cee9b6e37fa37bc83

Open EasyScript and paste the GetSocial code

On the Extensions Manager, locate the EasyScript and open it. Select "Other" on the top tab and paste the code under "Additional Items". Don't forget to Save & Close.

11 joomla code 1aeb4bea6e6763be8cd06a6d31b4ee6f71a45dc883323c787ae61391942ec906

Congrats, GetSocial is now on Joomla

GetSocial is the all-in-one social media toolkit. With 15+ different features, we strive to help you grow your traffic, shares, followers and social conversions.