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How to install social sharing buttons on Wordpress

The following tutorial will help you install GetSocial on Wordpress. If you were looking for some social media tools for WordPress, we've got you covered. And it won't take more than 2 minutes.

Download GetSocial's WordPress Plugin

Click here to download our WordPress Plugin.

Upload our plugin to your blog

On your WordPress account, click "Plugins" on the left and then "Add New". You'll notice the "Upload Plugin" on the top of this view. Click it.

20 wordpress upload f1b649f5dfe75aeb104e1e9e5ec805abf06f495cda26b20d1488e86680e29e61

Now just click "Choose File" and select from your computer the ZIP file you've just downloaded. Click Install Now and activate the plugin.

21 wordpress install ef7b744340feb6ca1bbbf10062e0e8fc553107045bbe0fd4387f91fa0b2f101a

Create your GetSocial account in Wordpress

Click "GetSocial" on WordPress left menu and activate your new GetSocial account

22 wordpress activate 3cd585dde688d6280d669900c0d5d5d60040f8f8ac6cc56b84851f47958a5179

Congrats, GetSocial is now on WordPress

GetSocial is the all-in-one social media toolkit. In WordPress you'll be able to use fantastic features without any code being required. Can you imagine that? This is the easiest way for you to increase shares, followers, traffic and conversions.

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