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Core Sharing Tools

Basic social share tools which include horizontal & floating share buttons.

Mobile Sharing Tools

Customizable share buttons optimized for mobile websites.

Basic Sharing Analytics

Tracks the number of shares and referrals on a website.

Google Analytics Integration

Pushes the social sharing data onto Google Analytics.

Dark Social Tracking

Tracks social shares made via dark social channels (email, chat, etc)

Image Sharing

Includes independent social share buttons in every image on the website.

Conversion Tracking

Identifies conversions coming from social shares on your website.



  • What is your biggest advantage against Flare?

    Being a complete set of tools for social media, almost like an app store. Flare is a social sharing plugin. It has amazing customization features (you can even customize share names) but that's it, at the end of the day, it's all about shares. On GetSocial you'll find follow, engagement, eCommerce and Analytics features, destined to be an active part of your visitors' experience.

  • What should I expect to be different from Flare?

    A big focus on the complete consumer journey and a unique approach to social sharing analytics. GetSocial's team takes a lot of time developing its analytics module. Its goal is to provide intelligence on social sharing occurign on one's website. From which posts are driving more traffic and conversions to which social network is making my website viral, in real-time, GetSocial has it all.

  • What do you mean by Dark Social Tracking?

    All shares aren't created equal. Yes, people still share through good'ol regular share buttons. However' sharing is changing and becoming a more personal experience, shared on 1 to 1, instead of 1 to n (a public facebook post, for instance). Until know, we were blinded by these private/personal channels which we call Dark Social Channels. GetSocial helps you track these dark socail shares and shed light on Dark Social. Did you know that almost 74% of all shares in our blog are made through Copy & Paste? Well, that was something Flare couldn't have told you.