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Core Sharing Tools

Basic social share tools which include horizontal & floating share buttons.

Mobile Sharing Tools

Customizable share buttons optimized for mobile websites.

Sharing Analytics Drilldown

Identifies top performing social networks per post.

Image Sharing

Includes independent social share buttons in every image on the website.

Conversion Tracking

Identifies conversions coming from social shares on your website.

Google Analytics Integration

Pushes the social sharing data onto Google Analytics.



  • What is your biggest advantage against ShareThis?

    ShareThis is one of the most simple sharing tools out there. A simple product, with a simple onboarding process with simple customization options. Their goal is to have as many websites using the share bar as possible to support their business model, which is to sell data and help distribute/target ads. This makes the whole feature set quite insuffiencient. GetSocial provides mobile sharing options, engagement & conversion features that help interact with the user along its journey, from awareness to conversion.

  • What should I expect to be different from ShareThis?

    A lot more features, focused on the complete consumer journey. Web, tablet and mobile share buttons to gain awareness & promote advocacy, welcome bar & subscriber bar to improve engagement and a lot of analytic tools to gain knowldege on how social sharing is constributing to your goals. We can also integrate with Google Analytics, if you prefer to keep the old 'one dashboard to rule them all' and we'll push all the share activity back to GA.

  • What do you mean by Mobile Sharing Tools?

    93% of all GetSocial customers use the mobile share bar, which drives up to 3x more shares than on the website. 1 to 1 sharing through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & email has been increasing a lot, month on month, with WhatsApp being the #3 most used share type in all 60 million shares made through GetSocial, only after Facebook & Dark Social Sharing.