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with wordpress sharing buttons

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Wordpress Social Sharing plugin

Our Wordpress share buttons are easily installed with no code required. Download our plugin to add Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest sharing buttons on your website. On the plugin you'll find a set of apps that cover all your social marketing needs, from capturing data to analyzing it.

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Share widget for Wordpress

Download our wordpress sharing plugin to understand how social media sharing is driving business to your wordpress website. Our wordpress share buttons plugin also includes powerful social analytics to your blog or website. Understand which of your blog posts is contributing the most to your social media strategy.

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No code required

If you have never seen a line of code there is no problem as you can easily install GetSocial with our Wordpress Share Buttons Plugin. We've created our plugin so that anyone can use it, even if they have little experience with websites.

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GetSocial is also a Wordpress Share Plugin

GetSocial isn't just a web app. It's a seamless wordpress social sharing plugin which allows you to have a social media app store in the palm of your hands, super easy to install, with no code required. Getting those wordpress share buttons ups is a matter of seconds but their value is timeless. Wordpress is an amazing way to distribute valuable content but the real challenge for content is not creating it, it is getting it spread out. By adding social sharing plugins to your blog you'll increase the changes of generating qualified traffic to your website and thus increasing possible leads and business on your way. You should also innovate in the mobile space as most of your readers are probably visiting you through their mobile wordpress websites. GetSocial provides with with mobile web sharing apps for wordpress.