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Identify and engage your top influencers

  • 1 Enable

    Allow your visitors to share your products through social sharing buttons

  • 2 Identify

    Identify your influencers by tracking shares made and who they bring to your site

  • 3 Analyze

    Segment users by gender, geography and social activity to identify qualified leads

  • 4 Engage

    Reach your top influencers and engage them through customized campaigns

Product overview


Allow your customers to share your site’s content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Goolge+ by adding custom actions and classic sharing buttons that can be quickly installed on the most popular web publishing platforms.

Product enable


We gather your user’s name, email, gender, location and language as well as their pageviews, shares and leads.

We also capture your users’ and their leads’ conversions both in terms of volume and revenue, giving you the opportunity to see the value of your site’s social sharing buttons.

Product collect


Identify qualified leads by filtering the data we provide and segment your users according to your marketing strategy.

For example, generate a list of users who have brought more than 10 friends to your site in the last week.

Product analyze


Easily export your user’s data and use it with your existing marketing tools such as analytics, retargeting and email marketing.

For example, use our data to contact Brad, your customer to persuade him to buy an iPad from our store that he has recently shared on Facebook.

Product engage

Measure your social media ROI

  • 1 Measure

    Measure the total transactions and the total revenue gathered by each social network.

  • 2 Analyze

    Cross social media revenue with social media spent and calculate social media ROI by social network.

  • 3 Optimize

    Optimize your social media investment and maximize your social performance at a lower cost.

Product roi overview


Track every like and share made on your website. Understand which social networks are contributing to your goals (new users or sales).

Product roi measure


Track social media generated revenues per users, product or social network. Learn which are your most profitable user segments, product categories and share types.

Product roi analyze


Act on data instead of trends. Learn which social networks are driving more business to your website and reorganize your investments and time-spent accordingly.

Product roi optimize

Our buttons are easily integrated with the most popular content and eCommerce platforms

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