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Follow Floating Bar
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Mobile Sharing Bar
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Social Sharing Bar
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Subscribe Bar
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Image Sharing

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Add social media buttons to your website

Use our social share buttons for 15+ social networks with custom or classic designs.
Track social shares in your website and enable free social media analytics for your business.

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Social media bar for your website

Add our floating social bar and get free social media tracking of the shares made on your website.

This social media widget will help your users do more social shares of your content.

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Dark social media tracking

Tracking social media in alternative methods such as SMS, Chat or Copy & Paste URL will allow you to effectively measure social media ROI.

This dark social sharing plugin is also a free Social media monitoring tool by GetSocial.

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Free Social Media Analytics

All our social sharing plugins contribute to your understanding of how social sharing is driving your traffic and conversions.

From social share buttons to conversion tracking, your social media monitoring will be available in simple yet comprehensive dashboards.

A social app store for your needs

Installation is super easy, no code required, done in seconds.

GetSocial Works on Everything and Requires

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