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A new url shortener for the age of dark social sharing

Private sharing is now the most common way of sharing links. GetSocial's URL Shortener tracks 100% of the interactions happening after the first click, also in the Dark Social space, so you have full visibility into sharing patterns and content engagements.
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URL shortner analytics
Improve the way you use links and get better insights into how they're performing
Are you tracking all the social interactions with your links after the first click? Most URL shortening solutions limit your data to first-level engagement, losing important insight into how and where links are being shared by your audience after you distribute them.
Fix measurement
Consider all channels, not just public ones but Dark Social channels like WhatsApp & email as well.
Analyze at depth
There’s more to a link after the first click, though most analytics platform won’t show you this
Proper Social Attribution
Understand all the owned and earned traffic coming from your shared links
Manage all your links in one place and get the most accurate performance results
branded links
Branded links
Customize your short links to include your brand’s name and improve user experience, taking full control of your content with the branded URLs.
100% private
Popular URL shorteners make your data easily accessible to anyone, giving away your privacy without your knowledge most of the times. At GetSocial, your short links are completely private and their data only visible to you. You own all your data and we won't share it or sell it to anyone.
Article-level analytics
Track individual links across all channels, including Dark Social, and measure content performance as well as its distribution.
All metrics covered
Get access to all the content metrics that matter such as clicks, shares, referrals, virality and recirculation to better optimize your content.
Proper attribution
Gain full visibility into your traffic and Dark Social attribution by integrating with Google Analytics and other 3rd party tools.
track individual links
The UTM Fallacy
Marketers love UTMs and often believe that all incoming traffic from predefined UTMs is accurate, valid and changeless. The truth is UTMs can complicate your job rather than make it easier, misattributing all the sources of your traffic with non-dynamic parameters.
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Track your next campaign’s success through engagement metrics that matter
URL shortener dashboard
Url shortener dashboard
Create as many links as you need for your next marketing campaign and track the real impact they had on our dashboard. Through advanced analytics, you can easily understand exactly how much traffic your links generated.
  • Total traffic generated by links
  • Average Viral Uplift per link
  • Traffic coming from link clicks
  • Traffic coming from additional shares of your links
  • Top traffic sources
How Does It Work?

By tracking all public, private and dark social shares we identify the most successful content driving traffic & conversions,

social networks with the highest performance and the reasons why your content is going viral.

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3Get Insights

Get real ROI per channel and article,

not estimates.

Automate Content Scheduling4

Our data-driven algorithm determines which content to post when - to maximize your results.

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