Social Sharing Analytics to Boost Your Viral Content

Leverage data to better understand how your articles
get shared and which ones will go viral next

Promoted Stories Analysis

How do you decide which stories
to promote on social media?

If you’re publishing tens of stories a day, do you simply pick articles at random? Follow a gut feeling? Or do you seek data to better understand your stories’ virality?

Viral Posts Back
Viral Posts Front
Viral Posts Middle
Social Networks Chart reveals how readers really share your posts.
And tells you what happens after they did.

Trusted by leading brands

  • Red Bull
  • Huawei
  • Wego
  • BuzzSumo
  • Flipkart
  • Telefonica
  • Surfdome
  • Moss Bros

See Real-Time Sharing Data to Identify Viral Stories

Get the most advanced information on how your articles are performing on social media. From the number of shares, re-shares to how they generated traffic and conversions back to your site.

Dark Social Content 80% of all shares in GetSocial are made through Copy & Paste methods

Leverage Dark Social Sharing to Better Understand Your Stories' Popularity

Find our how much of your sharing happens on dark social channels (i.e. via copying & pasting the URL into chats or emails) instead of sharing buttons and get a full picture of your stories’ popularity.

Article Content Analysis

Find Out How Each Article Contributes to your Website’s Growth

Use our proprietary metrics, Sharing Rate and K-Factor, to analyze how shareable each article is and how it contributes to the website's traffic growth.

Social Media Buttons

Add Social Media Buttons to your Website

Use our social share buttons for 15+ social networks with custom or classic designs. Track social shares in your website and enable free social media analytics for your business.

Built for Busy Editors, Growth Editors
and Social Media Teams

Social Sharing Analytics was purpose-built for busy editors and social media teams
to deliver data that helps identify stories worth promoting.

Analyze social engagement. Expose dark social sharing. Discover viral stories.