Measure your content performance and prove its impact on online conversions with Dark Social tracking.

Up to 78% of social shares through private messaging are not tracked, and the resulting sales are not attributed to the right channels. With GetSocial Intelligence, all Dark Social activity is tracked, resulting in increased traffic & conversions.

Learn how your audience shares product pages in private messages and identify trends to maximize your ROI.
Social Analytics for eCommerce
Increase the ROI of content marketing and social media. Maximize the value of Product Marketing Content used for sales enablement
Dark Social Analytics & Attribution
Discover the 78% of shares you are not measuring and the sales resulting from Dark Social. Understand the buying patterns and increase ROI.
Content Automation
We track all social interactions, including private shares. We then rank content by its ability to spread organically and make sure we're only distributing what is working based on data-driven algorithms.
URL Shortener
Use our URL Shortener that tracks 100% of the interactions happening beyond the first click.
Content Viral Alerts
Get notified in real-time if your content is becoming viral via private shares.
Data Privacy
You own your data. We won't share it, sell it or monetize it in any way.
Share Buttons
Increase traffic to your website by facilitating sharing. We cover traditional share buttons and also copy paste shares intro private messaging and dark social environments.
How Does It Work?

By tracking all public, private and dark social shares we identify the most successful content driving traffic & conversions,

social networks with the highest performance and the reasons why your content is going viral.

1Install GetSocial

Add GetSocial to your website so you can start collecting Dark Social data.

Activate Dark Social Tracking2

To measure 100% of shares.

3Get Insights

Get real ROI per channel and article,

not estimates.

Automate Content Scheduling4

Our data-driven algorithm determines which content to post when - to maximize your results.

Use Cases

Learn how our clients use GetSocial Intelligence to produce results

across a variety of industries, business models and business goals.

// Ecommerce
Promote the products your clients are talking about.
78% of sharing is being done on private channels: WhatsApp, iMessage, Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, SMS. Buyers share information about products with their friends and family to get a second opinion, to make suggestions or simply to show something really cool they discovered. This is the new word-of-mouth.

And this can't be tracked by classic analytics solutions. GetSocial Intelligence solves it for you and tracks private sharing.
// Content Driving Sales
Discover content driving sales on your website.
If you're only tracking public shares, you cannot really determine which articles and posts are being shared in the private messages.

Not to mention the traffic these private shares generate. With GetSocial Intelligence you can not only measure the volume of shares but also the referral traffic from Dark Social.

Let's work together to track and improve your content's performance. Get started now!