Social Automation

Take the hassle out of scheduling social media posts randomly

GetSocial identifies in real-time which are the best stories to feature on your social media channels. You can automate the process with our social media automation tool to save time and post the right message, targeting the right audience at the right time.
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social media analytics publishing
Your best content on social media, at the best time, and none of the hassle
We make automation easier by optimizing your social distribution strategy, saving you time and automatically publishing your best performing content to social media.
Monitor engagement
Our analytics will identify exactly how your audience is engaging with your content, even in Dark Social channels.
Get Viral Alerts
Get notified, in real-time, when your content’s performance is picking up.
Automate social distribution
Automatically schedule the right content to social media, at the right time.
Key Features
amplify your best content
Perfectly timed posts
Our algorithms are constantly trying to find changes in your stories' virality. Once those changes become significant, depending on your defined threshold and schedule, we publish a post on the channel we predict will drive the most social traffic.
Amplify your best content
Now more than ever, KPIs like pageviews, sessions and likes are not enough to measure the true performance of your content and meet your audience’s needs. By tracking all social interactions, including private shares, we rank pages by their ability to spread organically. This way, you can invest your time and money on content and products that really give you the highest return.
Cross-device tracking
Our platform helps you measure social shares made on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We cover traditional share buttons, as well as copy & paste shares into private messaging (dark analytics).
Know when stories become viral
With GetSocial Virality Alerts, you'll be notified in real-time, via email or Slack, when your stories start to pick up. Define your own virality events or just follow our own suggestions. Never miss an opportunity to optimize social interactions with a highly successful story when it’s most relevant.
Attract new audiences
Share specific content at the right time and measure traffic uplift coming directly from your virality alerts. Leverage the social proof your readers are giving you and attract new audiences.
know when stories become viral
See how your automated posts are performing
automation dashboard
Automation dashboard
Analyze results from beginning to end by using the social automation dashboard to understand the results of your automated posts and redefine your strategy to best suit your immediate goals.
  • Total traffic generated from automated posts
  • Average traffic uplift from an automated post
  • Total of Likes, Shares, Comments & Reactions
  • Average engagement per post
How Does It Work?

By tracking all public, private and dark social shares we identify the most successful content driving traffic & conversions,

social networks with the highest performance and the reasons why your content is going viral.

1Install GetSocial

Add GetSocial to your website so you can start collecting Dark Social data.

Activate Dark Social Tracking2

To measure 100% of shares.

3Get Insights

Get real ROI per channel and article,

not estimates.

Automate Content Scheduling4

Our data-driven algorithm determines which content to post when - to maximize your results.

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