Use GetSocial Intelligence to track Dark Social and prove the value your content is driving for your clients

Without Dark Social Intelligence you're only tracking around 35% of social shares of your content. You're also missing out on tracking the traffic & conversions those shares generate.

Get full visibility and show the true value of your content to your clients.
Social Analytics for Agencies
Track dark Social for multiple clients and make data-driven decisions to increase ROI
Dark Social Analytics & Attribution
Track Dark Social to identify 100% of social shares and correctly attribute traffic & conversions.
Content Automation
Eliminate guesswork out of social media scheduling & automate the process. Our data-driven algorithm schedules content that increases ROI.
URL Shortener
Use our URL Shortener that tracks 100% of the interactions happening beyond the first click.
Content Viral Alerts
Get notified in real-time if your content is becoming viral.
Data Privacy
You own your data. We won't share it, sell it or monetize it in any way.
Google Analytics Integration
We help you put the right traffic in the right bucket by integrating with Google Analytics.
How Does It Work?

By tracking all public, private and dark social shares we identify the most successful content driving traffic & conversions,

social networks with the highest performance and the reasons why your content is going viral.

1Install GetSocial

Add GetSocial to your website so you can start collecting Dark Social data.

Activate Dark Social Tracking2

To measure 100% of shares.

3Get Insights

Get real ROI per channel and article,

not estimates.

Automate Content Scheduling4

Our data-driven algorithm determines which content to post when - to maximize your results.

Use Cases

Learn how our clients use GetSocial Intelligence to produce results

across a variety of industries, business models and business goals.

// Content Websites
Make a sure bet on Social Media, every time.
Social reach has been constantly dropping over time, unless you pay for it. It is fundamental that you understand which content and channels are resonating with your audiences.

By tracking all social interactions, not just the 35% happening on share buttons, you'll get proper traffic attribution from Social.

With GetSocial you’ll be able to make the best distribution decisions and increase your traffic.
// Brands
Own your digital brand space, know how your customers think.
Track all the buzz around your brand in Dark Social space to be able to identify specific articles, pages and products that are being shared through private messages.

See how much traffic they're generating from Dark Social that's currently misattributed to Direct source.

Let's work together to track and improve your content's performance. Get started now!