Dark Social Sharing - 78% of shares are made via Copy & Paste

Don't lose track of people sharing your content.

Dark social sharing

Shed light into dark social, track your shares

GetSocial tracks about 8 million shares every month. You'd be surprised to know that most of them are people copying and pasting a URL into social networks, emails, chats & other dark channels.

Product tracking

Copy & Paste Share Tracking

You don't know (yet) but most of people share your website by copying and pasting its link. Don't lose track of copy paste shares and understand the true power of social media sharing for your business.

Product mobile

Track Shares Made on Mobile

We're processing more than 10 million visits on mobile devices every day. It's not a surprise that mobile shares drive more traffic than shares made on the web or on tablet devices. Make sharing on mobile fun and easy.

Product bars

Complement with good'ol social share buttons

Track all sharing activity on your website by installing trackable share buttons across your pages and posts. Don't miss out a single share made and make sure you unveil the true value of social media for your website.

Track social shares in seconds

There's plenty of documentation and tutorials on how to install GetSocial. Most of our apps are code free and installed in seconds.

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