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The right share button from GetSocial allows your visitors to easier share your website. Get noted on communities of social users around the world and boot that traffic for better business performance. Some websites have more than 75% of their traffic coming from social networks and most of content gets very well distributed on those websites.

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Social media icons for blogger, wordpress and other platforms. Create a FREE account and get your share buttons code. Within seconds you'll be generating new shares in your website. It's very important to provide sharing capabilities to you can increase the number of qualified and organic traffic coming to your website.

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GetSocial is a set of share icons that you can actually track. We all know it's important to have social sharing features on our websites, but what does that mean? By having GetSocial installed on your site, you'll know exactly how social media is adding up your results. Social icons are great. They help you in the most important stages of acquiring customers online. They boost your SEO by providing relevant and quality links back to your website which raises your position in search engines. Also, you're placing your brand in front of millions of eyes which are prone to acquire your products and services. Also, when someone shares something they're giving your products or content a seal of quality so it is very likely that their near social circle (friends, co-workers, etc) trusts that it will be good. Thus, you're generating qualified traffic back to your website which helps increasing your top line revenue, whether it's sales or advertising earnings. More traffic, more shares, more sales is the simple for us at GetSocial.