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Our social analytics module helps websites understand how social media is driving their business. Being aware of what's happening on one's website is important to align social media strategy execution. And at the end of the day, you need the best data possible to justify your social media budget and provide real results for your business.

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Social Marketing Analytics

As marketers, your primary goal is to guarantee results. Make it easier with GetSocial's analytics for social media. Act upon real data from real users and take credit for being a social media innovator. Knowing exactly who the right users are for your business can actually save you thousands of advertising dollars.

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Social Data Analytics

The best social data is the one who provides you with the right information on the right time. Understand how networks are performing with top social networking analytics. Check which of your products or posts are generating more traffic to your website. It's also important to see whether that traffic is qualified and it's converting.

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GetSocial is the source of your data-driven marketing strategies. Marketers nowadays make their decisions based on numbers instead of 100% gut feeling. Allow GetSocial to be your data partner, providing you with the best social media data analytics to help boost your traffic and sales. One of the top used strategies nowadays is content marketing. Content marketing is a very powerful way to create a constant stream of traffic back to your website. While it ranks you on top of each search engine it provides your customers with answers that they'll need to have once they're ready to buy from you. With content marketing comes the need for actionable social media analytics. With them, you'll be able to optimize your social media strategy by having the correct data whenever it's possible.