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Free social widgets to increase engagement

Our sharing widgets for facebook, twitter, linkedin and pinterest help increase engagement with your content and increase share on social media. Grow your traffic with highly engaged social users in your website.

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Easily add social share widget

With plugins for major platforms, our social media widgets for websites are installed without code. Have your share widget working in seconds and generate some serious quality traffic to your website.

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GetSocial is the place for social widgets

GetSocial is a simple set of social widgets focused on growing your traffic, your sales and your conversions. It's overwhelming the number of products who provide a single-feauture on their offerings. GetSocial is the one-stop shop for social media apps that help you improve your results. People love widgets specially in social media platforms such as Wordpress and Shopify. It's amazing to see how engaged these users are with the right widget in the right place. Our data shows that having social media icons can increase traffic coming from social networks brutally. While shares are important to get a grasp of what social means to your business it is also important to track underlying conversions. That's why at GetSocial you'll also find the conversions feature, which allows you to bind particular success conversions to shares, items or people. This will allow you to optimize your social media strategy. A good example is understanding that twitter converts a lot better than Google+. One could simply stop doing posts on G+ and spend/invest more time on growing one's twitter follower base. To make things easier, we also have widget plugins for Wordpress and Shopify. This makes it very easy to add social sharing buttons to Wordpress or add social media buttons to Shopify stores. You can use our one click installation method or simply decide where you want your share buttons by pasting the short code for your posts.