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Free social media plugins

It's very important that you provide social sharing plugins in your website. Your visitors will be more engaged and share on social media. Your traffic will organically increase over time, delivering you more results. And the best part is they're absolutely free and very easy to setup in your website.

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Social Sharing Plugins

Our social plugins for websites allow you to provide sharing tools to your visitors. Also, you'll gain insights with social analytics provided by our share widgets. You can actually understand which posts, social networks or even users have generated more results to your website.

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Find our share buttons plugin

It's easy to find our social icon widget on both Wordpress and Shopify. Browse both directories and app stores and query them for GetSocial and just install our social plugins.

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GetSocial is the place for social plugins

GetSocial works with most well-know platforms. For some, we have developed special social plugins so it's even easier to integrate GetSocial with. Either you're in content or eCommerce, we can help you increase your traffic through our Wordpress and Shopify plugins. Our wordpress plugin is used by thousands of websites and has no code what so ever. The experience for this social sharing is very simple. You go to the wordpress share buttons plugin by GetSocial, install it and it's done. You can choose which share buttons you want in your website and also their format. On top of that, you'll gain analytics on the users who are clicking on them. You'll be able to understand how your strategy is actively contributing to your website.