Tutorial for Drupal

How to install social sharing buttons on Drupal

The following tutorial will help you install GetSocial on Drupal. If you were looking for an all in one social media solution for Drupal then good news, we've got you covered. And it won't take more than 5 minutes.

Create a GetSocial Account

00 create account

The first step to take is to create an account on GetSocial. Submit your webiste and email and you'll be ready to go. You can have multiple websites under the same account, for ease of management.

Download the Chaos Toolsuite + JS Injector Modules

Click here to download CTools (Chaos) and here to download JS Injector.

Note: We think the easiest way to do this is to use a plugin to put code into your page easily we recommend the Chaos Toolsuite + JS Injector Modules but if you’ve already got something else that will work fine also.

Install both Modules

Navigate to the Drupal administration panel and click on “Install new module”

24 drupal nm

Select one of the file you’ve downloaded and click on Install button

25 drupal im

After you install the first module, click on “Install another module” on the installation success screen

26 drupal am

Then after you install the second, click on “Enable newly added modules” on the installation success screen. Scroll until you find the “Chaos Tool Suite“ box, and check the “Chaos Tool” checkbox.

27 drupal slct

Then find the “Other box” and check the “JS injector” checkbox.

28 drupal slct2

Click on save configuration (if you receive a warning saying that one modules depends on other, just click continue);

Copy GetSocial's library code

Go to your GetSocial account, you'll notice an alert on the top of the page, with a script code. Copy that code.

01 copy code

Configure the JS Injector

Scroll again until you find the JS Injector module and click on “Configure”

29 drupal cfg

On the JS Injector page, click on “Add”

30 drupal add

On the “Add new rule” page, give a name to your new rule, a small description and then paste the JS code that you get from GetSocial, without the <script> tags.

31 drupal code

Leave the other options with the default value, scroll down and click “Save”.

Congrats, GetSocial is now on Drupal

GetSocial is the all-in-one social media toolkit. With 15+ different features, we strive to help you grow your traffic, shares, followers and social conversions.