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Monthly Pricing
from $9/month $100/month
Core Sharing Tools

Basic social share tools which include horizontal & floating share buttons.

Mobile Sharing Tools

Customizable share buttons optimized for mobile websites.

Basic Sharing Analytics

Tracks the number of shares and referrals on a website.

Sharing Analytics Drilldown

Identifies top performing social networks per post.

Welcome Bar

Includes a customizable to bar with a call to action.

Follow Buttons
Conversion Tracking

Identifies conversions coming from social shares on your website.

Price Alert


  • What is your biggest advantage against SumoMe?

    SumoMe tends to lean onto content websites and it's very focused on lead/email generation (newsletters, lists, etc). Because of that, it lacks the features required by most of our eCommerce customers. The ability to track conversions coming from social sharing, an engaging welcome bar to drive traffic to promotions and our price alert feature are inexisting in that product. Add our specialized Share Analytics breakdown and you'll have the biggest set of advantages against SumoMe.

  • What should I expect to be different from SumoMe?

    Ease of use/installation & less branding. One of the most common feedback we get from ex-SumoMe users is how easy it was to setup everything. Also, support is at the top of our perfomance ratings ans we focus a lot of our energy on it and people have said we're very fast at it.

  • What do you mean by Share Analytics Drilldown?

    SumoMe is quite feature-driven. They have a great set of tools specially to drive more leads/subscription. However, they're somewhat basic on the analytical level. They'll provide you counts of clicks and clickbacks which gives you an overview on what's happening. Meanwhile on GetSocial, Share Analytics Drilldown gives you real-time insights on what's powering your website at that moment. It can be a image gone viral or a post which is being a bomb on Hacker News. We help you track every bit of that and give you intelligence, not information, on it.